January 17, 2020

Students Attendance Updation System

The faculty members are requested to access the following links against their names, for updating the attendance particulars and internal marks details, pertaining to the subjects being handled. These data will be consolidated at the department level, for further necessary action.
  1. Dr. A. Sundhar - Click here
  2. Dr. R. Sathishkumar - Click here
  3. Dr. R. Tamijetchelvy - Click here
  4. Mr. B. Shankarlal - Click here
  5. Mr. M. Manojkumar - Click here
  6. Dr. P. Nandakumar - Click here
  7. Ms. Soundarya- Click here
  8. Ms. Foutika - Click here
  9. Mrs. Karthika - Click here
  10. Mrs. Mary Magdaline Zeena - Click here
  11. Mr. Krishna Raj - Click here

Note:- The updation is to be done on monthly basis.

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