October 14, 2019

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - Project Assistance

A team of four students from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Institute of Engineering and Technology (PKIET), headed by Dr. R. Sathishkumar, Assistant Professor had visited the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for knowledge updation and for assessing the project opportunities, during the month of August 2019.

The students had visited the Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, in the Inorganic and Physical Chemistry block. The students were precisely mentored by Mr. Ranganathan Sathishkumar, Senior Scientific Officer, and explained about the State-of-the-Art laboratory equipment and its operations. 

The Scientific officer imparted the students about Molecular Diffraction in X-ray Crystallography and demonstrated its operation. The students were exposed to the project opportunities in the Image Processing domain, in Identification of crystalline structures.

The students interviewed the Scientific officer, over walk-and-talk around the IISc Campus and were visited various departments and laboratories. (Pic: J N Tata Statue in Admin Building)

The resource person shared the experience in IISc and motivated the students for pursuing the research in IISc. Further, he shared the information on IISc's Contribution to Early Industrialisation, Sir CV Raman and Physics at IISc, Gandhi at IISc

The students were tested with their basic knowledge in X-ray Crystallography and were guided to identify the project domain, in his field of research.


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